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Goshu Fantasia

Titolo Goshu the cellist

Japan in the 1920's… Goshu lives in the country and is a professional cellist. But his conductor reprimands him: he seems to have neither a musical ear, nor a sense of what he plays. A concert is to be put on: Beethoven's sixth symphony.

Once home, Goshu practises and practises, under Beethoven's severe and watchful eyes.

Some friends whom Goshu doesn't know come to his aid: animals who appreciate his music...

This animated film, created by Isao Yakahata in 1982 is full of poetry. It's based on a story by Kenji Wiyazawa.

During the hour-long film we are transported into the musical world of the cellist. The soundtrack is made up principally of extracts from Beethoven's sixth symphony.

It's a beautiful musical creation - a work of art for young and old.

Many thanks to Hannah SALTER for her translation of this page from French into English
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