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- November 21st - Film:
Updates in the 'Other Films' page
- November 3rd - CD:
Update of the Complete Symphonies CD
- November 2nd - CD:
Update of the Complete Piano Sonatas CD
- November 1st - CD:
Update of the Complete Piano Concertos CD
- January 28th - Philately:
Souvenir Sheet from Djibouti with a stamp of Ludwig van Beethoven
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- November 15th - Stamps:
Souvenir Sheet from Grenada with Beethoven as Haydn student.
- October 28th - Stamps:
Two stamps from Iran.
- October 26th - Stamps:
Stamps from Mozambique.
- October 11th - Meet Beethoven:
In CzechRepublic in Hradec nad Moravicí (Gratz in Silesia).
- July 22nd - Meet Beethoven:
In India.
- July 21st - Meet Beethoven:
In China and In Japan.
- July 20th - Coins:
Four medals from Portugal with Beethoven.
- July 18th - Stamps:
Union des Comores, set of six Classical Musicians dated 2009.
- April 22nd - Midi and Mp3:
Curiosity: Jaques Charlier Opus 5 : "Seconde Valse sur les motifs de la Sonate Appasionata de Beethoven pour piano seul".
- April 9th - Midi and Mp3:
Rondo A Capriccio for Piano in G major: "Die Wut über den verloren Groschen" (Rage over a Lost Penny), opus 129.
- April 7th - Midi and Mp3:
3-part Fugue for Solo Voice(s) in C major: "Dona nobis pacem", Hess Anhang 57.
- March 28th - Medals:
Medal designed by José de Moura, dated 1992;
Medal made by the Nederlandse Boekenclub, for 1970;
Medal realized by José de Moura, dated 1985;
Medal in silver, dated 1977.
- March 8th - CD:
Updtate of the list of complete piano sonatas.
- February 27th - Midi and Mp3:
Fugue for String Quintet in B flat minor, Hess 38 - fugue #24 from Well-Tempered Clavier (Book One) by J S Bach, arranged for string quintet by Beethoven.
- February 19th - Midi and Mp3:
Piece for Piano in C major: Little Concert Finale, Hess 65.
- February 14th - Midi and Mp3:
Exercise for Piano in B flat major, Hess 58.
- February 12th - CD:
Violin Concerto transcribed for Piano, opus 61a: update of the list of CD.
- February 11th - Midi and Mp3:
Song: "Mit einem gemalten Band" (With a painted ribbon); "Kleine Blumen, kleine Blätter streuen wir mit leichter Hand", opus 83-3.
- February 10th - Midi and Mp3:
Song: "Sensucht" (Yearning); "Was zieht mir das Herz so?", opus 83-2.
- February 9th - Midi and Mp3:
Song: "Wonne der Wehmut" (The joy of melancholy), opus 83-1.
- February 7th - Midi and Mp3:
Song: "Vita felice", "Das Gluck der Freundschaft (Lebensglück)" (The Joy of Friendship) "Der lebt ein Leben wonniglich", opus 88.
- January 28th - Mp3:
Waltz for Piano in F Major, WoO Anhang 17.
- January 24th - Card:
German Card from Homann Factory.
- January 23rd - Midi files:
Piano Trio No. 8 in E flat major, WoO 38.
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