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Baden - Helenenthal - Cristina Heiligenstadt - Cristina Beethovengang - Cristina Gneixendorf - Cristina

Cristina Barbieri

Cristina is from Argentina. She lives in a far away part of the country. In a ski resort in the Andes Mountains.

She is a psychologist and psychoanalyst, married and mother of three, and very very very much interested in Beethoven, personally and professionally.

She loves Baden and Beethoven...

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Heiligenstadt is nowadays a lovely neighborhood at the bottom of the Kahlemberg, but back in Ludwig's time it was a village out of the city limits. A village full of vineyards, as nowadays too. H is a place where our composer spent summertime several times along his life. In the summers of 1802-1807-1808-1817.

Heiligensatdt - Cristina Barbieri

Heiligensatdt - Cristina Barbieri

It was in the end of the summer of 1802, while staying at the house in Probusgasse 6, that Beethoven wrote the moving Testament, that helps us witness his anguish in the onset of his deafness.
Heiligensatdt - Cristina Barbieri
There is a small museum, with facsimiles of the testament itself, and of compositions of that time, as some reproductions of portraits. A couple of small rooms that overlook a cozy simple garden, that is said to have remained more or less the same. There is also a lock of hair there too.

Heiligensatdt - Cristina Barbieri

Far down that street is the place where he stayed in 1817. Pfarrplatz 2, a delicious old house that has been turned into a wein keller.

Heiligensatdt - Cristina Barbieri
In 1807 he stayed in Kahlembergstrasse and in 1808 with Grillparzer in 64 Grinzingerstarasse.
Heiligensatdt - Cristina Barbieri
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the transcription for piano, by Liszt, of the second mouvement of the Sixth Symphony (Opus 68)

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